The Art...A skillful hair design is the mark of every well groomed man or woman. The Joseph Christopher Design System unites a sense of style with manageability through the use of technical skill, balance, and the elements of art - shape and color.
A revolutionary straightening treatment containing keratin. This product is formaldehyde free.
The French definition is to “paint by hand”; it is a freestyle and natural-looking color design that is shaded or graduated with tone .
This restorative conditioning treatment is customized for your hair type with botanical elements to strengthen and repair the texture and condition of your hair by up to 86%. This treatment includes a mask.
The Botanical Repair Treatment creates new hair bonds while strengthening and repairing hair from the inside out, going three layers deep to its core while improving visible signs of damage. Leaving hair revived, shinier and naturally full of life. It’s also 93% naturally derived.
Single process applied to the brows.
Adds dimensional color (highlights or low lights) utilizing face framing
The Art of Beauty : incorporates a scripted approach to the hair consultation by the Style Artist or Color Artist, ensuring the guest knows what to expect and can relax. Performing The Art of Beauty on a consistent basis guarantees that each guest receives the best possible results every time, and will feel comfortable requesting a change.
Adds dimensional color (highlights or low lights) utilizing the whole head
Invita Solutions for Thinning Hair is a 97% naturally derived, botanically active system formulated to promote thicker, fuller hair. The Invati System is formulated with Densiplex, an invigorating blend of hers, that helps reduce hair loss.
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