The Art...A skillful hair design is the mark of every well groomed man or woman. The Joseph Christopher Design System unites a sense of style with manageability through the use of technical skill, balance, and the elements of art - shape and color.
The French definition is to “paint by hand”; it is a freestyle and natural-looking color design that is shaded or graduated with tone .
Single process applied to the brows.
Adds dimensional color (highlights or low lights) utilizing face framing
The Art of Beauty : incorporates a scripted approach to the hair consultation by the Style Artist or Color Artist, ensuring the guest knows what to expect and can relax. Performing The Art of Beauty on a consistent basis guarantees that each guest receives the best possible results every time, and will feel comfortable requesting a change.
Adds dimensional color (highlights or low lights) utilizing the whole head
Formaldehyde-Free hair straitening system composed of a variety of vitamins and tropical fruit extracts from the Amazon Rainforest . Creates beautifully straight results lasting up to 6 months.
Targeted solutions for scalp and hair conditions, this treatment offer 10 families with versatile products functioning on their own or in synergy with each other. Made of highly concentrated super actives for specific conditions and to prevent signs of aging. treatment is carried out with massage rituals. Includes an add-on hydrating mask
This customizable treatment provides extraordinary softness and shine, guarantees effective untangling and anti-frizz action, reduces drying time and protects hair without weighing it down or leaving any residue. The featured ingredient, Roucou oil, is very rich in beta-carotene and has a restructuring effect and favors hair growth.
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